VisionOur team at Canna Lily is creating a premium collection of high quality natural skincare products, and a thoughtful lifestyle oriented brand experience on which to share and build on community, awareness and mindful living.We at Canna Lily have tremendous respect for the wonderful people of this planet, animals and the environment. When we formulated our skincare product line, we kept these values in mind. Our products contain high quality natural plant-based active ingredients that are cruelty-free, and hemp that is organically grown and processed in Canada.A percentage of our sales will go to non-profit orgs that are making a difference.
Our upcoming CannaLily.Org website will highlight and link to these organizations.
We are planning to launch our first product line in early 2019.We believe small actions can have a big impact.PhilosophyPhysical beauty is but only skin deep. So nurture both the inner and outer.True Beauty can be seen through a persons character, which is unique and individual.So let’s celebrate our differences, listen to each other, and explore our common ground together.


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